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Next Gate: Pesach (Passover ) 2017

Mon, 10 -18 April 2017 at sundown (15th of Nisan, 5777)

What happened at the Gates 2017

Exodus 23:14-18

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2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Praise the Lord Saints.  Today is day # 2 of the Passover Gate, and things are really bad.  I am asking people to start a fast and pray for the Lord to have Mercy on the human race.  The Lord is really angry with us for we have not heeded His warnings, but rather we (the believers) have gone deeper into wickedness and we don’t even care.  This is how we are to pray

  1. Pray for the Lord to have mercy on us and to forgive us.
  2. Pray that the Lord will intervene and come and help us like He did when He died on the cross for our sins for we are unable to have a permanent change.
  3. Pray that the Lord will deliver us from ourselves, for we are the problem now…… not Satan nor his demons.

Please pray until April 18th 2017

A Call to Repentance

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How to prepare to enter the Portal

Exodus 23:15
“Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread; for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you. Do this at the appointed time in the month of Aviv, for in that month you came out of Egypt. “No one is to appear before me empty-handed.


2017 All Gates

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Yom Kippur  2015 Gate  

Yom Kippur  2015:  The Jewish Day Of Atonement
Praise the Holy one of Israel!, Praise Him for His Great and awesome Grace and Mercy!  Let every living being praise the Lord.  Today’s Gate was simply glorious.  At midnight in Israel yesterday Sept 22 2015, two angels were standing at the right and left of the gate blowing each a horn.  There was a third angel hovering on top of the gate and was blowing a trumpet.   The horns would be blown, and then the trumpet. 

The Lord poured out His Grace and Mercy throughout the earth.  It looked like a mist going around the earth.  God had summoned everyone living at that moment at the Gate.  All 7 billion + of us were there.   God extended His Great Mercy and Grace and allowed EVERYONE to enter through the Holy Gate.   This has NEVER happened before.    As people came in, they were stripped of all their idols, and things that were defiling them, and all these things were left outside the gate.     As we came through the gate,  we passed under 24  ( 12 to the right and left ) angels who had their wings touching.  It also appeared that as we walked through under their wings, we were going through some type of washing.    We were all wearing simple white long robes with no sashes.    Jesus was wearing a white robe with an egg white sash.  As usual, we couldn’t see our Father, other than a figure of a person sitting and blinding light that covered His face.

We then proceeded to what looked like an open field, and a huge mountain behind the “Portable “ Throne.   The Throne was already there and Our Father was sitting on the Throne with Jesus sitting on His right side.   This was also different.  Anytime we went through the Gate during the Lord’s Festivals/Appointed days, it was either our Father, or Jesus seated on the Throne.   We had never seen both of them present at once.  But again, this was The Day of Atonement. (when God forgave all our sins, and also the day that Jesus placed His blood on the heavenly Altar)  .   Maybe this is why they were both present, but then again, we are in an a new Era since September 13, 2015  (I will do a deeper teaching on this special day another time).  Also, the four living creatures who always accompany our Heavenly Father were not present.

It took a long time for all of us to enter the Gate.  (41 Minutes.  It usually takes 10-15 )  In the meantime, when everyone got in, they just stood silently before the Throne.  After everyone got in, an Angel then signaled it was time to present our repentance, petitions, requests  to the Lord.
The Lord forgave us ALL of our sins.  Personal, bloodline, generational, ancestral sins.  They were ALL wiped out.  It was as if we were all back in the Garden of Eden before our fall.  The Lord spoke to me and told me to intercede for my country.  I quickly text what the Lord told me to some friends and asked them to intercede for their countries  too.  Oh the Mercies of the Lord!
This Gate to me as too short as I ran out of time to present my “prayer list”.   The Throne started to move away from the crowd, And we all returned back to earth.   The gate closed promptly at 4pm ( 2am in Israel).    


Gate #2
September 23, 2015, 2am-4am (Israel 12pm -2pm) Gate
We came back promptly at 2am ( 12pm in Israel ) at the Gate.  Everyone went through the same process that we had gone through Gate # 1.  There were different angels at this gate.  There were only two this time blowing a horn and a trumpet.    First the Horn, then the Trumpet.    Inside the Gate, there were only 12 angels.  Six on each side with their wings touching each other.   After the  “washing, “ we proceeded to an open field .  This was no mountain, just a field.  On the Throne, our Father and Jesus were there seated like the first time.  This time, when people came, they would start praying.  Some people were on their knees , while others prostrated themselves as they wept before the Lord, and others just prayed. 
We all prayed and that time too came to an end.  After we had returned, we saw the Mercy and Grace of God that appeared on the earth as mist being sucked back into the Gate. 


Because of God’s Mercy and Grace, God has changed things drastically on the earth and  in the spirit realm.  On, Sept 13,2015 Rosh Hashana.   We entered a new Era on the Earth.   (More on that Gate later.  )  We are now seeing the “fruit” of this new Era.   Pure Mercy and Grace, Praise the Lord. 
On this Atonement Gate, God forgave all our sins as a whole. ALL CURSES have been removed, ALL evil covenants have been revoked by the Grace of God, and by the Blood of Jesus!. Praise the Lord. I believe that now many people are going to start seeing major changes in their personal lives and for the first time in their lives experience total deliverance from demonic bondages and oppressions.

The only people who will go on like nothing happened are those who picked up their evil load that they had left outside the Gate as they went  back outside the Gate. 

For the rest of us, let us rejoice and thank our Heavenly Father for  His great and awesome love towards humankind, and seek Him more.  He really longs to have a personal relationship with each and every one of us.   Praise the Lord.  I will post the info on Sept 13,2015 Rosh Hashana  on our website later this week. 



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