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Next Gate: Pesach (Passover ) 2017

Mon, 10 -18 April 2017 at sundown (15th of Nisan, 5777)

What happened at the Gates 2017

Exodus 23:14-18

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2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Praise the Lord Saints.  Today is day # 2 of the Passover Gate, and things are really bad.  I am asking people to start a fast and pray for the Lord to have Mercy on the human race.  The Lord is really angry with us for we have not heeded His warnings, but rather we (the believers) have gone deeper into wickedness and we don’t even care.  This is how we are to pray

  1. Pray for the Lord to have mercy on us and to forgive us.
  2. Pray that the Lord will intervene and come and help us like He did when He died on the cross for our sins for we are unable to have a permanent change.
  3. Pray that the Lord will deliver us from ourselves, for we are the problem now…… not Satan nor his demons.

Please pray until April 18th 2017

A Call to Repentance

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How to prepare to enter the Portal

Exodus 23:15
“Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread; for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you. Do this at the appointed time in the month of Aviv, for in that month you came out of Egypt. “No one is to appear before me empty-handed.


2017 All Gates

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Psychic Definition    

Humans are spiritual beings with physical bodies.  We legally access the spiritual realm in visions or in dreams.  Many people have interacted with psychics or have experienced some sort of psychic phenomena during their lifetime while many involve themselves with the occult without knowing it.   Psychics and those who practice divination are simply practicing witchcraft.   Witchcraft is how people access the spiritual realm illegally. When they do that, they open spiritual doors that demonic spirits use to communicate and have free access to them and their loved ones.  That is why God commanded us not to practice witchcraft, divination etc like the nations that He destroyed.  If you have ever entered the spiritual realm illegally, you need to repent and stop it at once in Jesus name and ask for deliverance in Jesus name. all opened doors have to be closed with prayer in Jesus name. click here for resources

Here are some of the scriptures that speak against these things.

Exodus 23:13, Deut 12:29 -31 do not invoke the other gods. Or “pray like they pray.  When one does “yoga”  You are indeed invoking those gods by practicing their   “prayer” movements. 

Laws against witchcraft and divination,  Leviticus 19:26b,19:31,20:5-8,  Deuteronomy 18:9-14
Punishment for practicing Witchcraft   Exodus 22:18, Lev 20:27


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Astrology is an ancient system of divination that uses the positions of the planets, stars and moon. The celestial body exerts forces and exhibits personalities that influence people and events. (easy way of being demonized)

Aztec Astrology has 20-day signs. The signs can be used to describe human nature and natural events. (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Aura is an energy field or it could also be called our life force. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Channeling is a trance-like state used by psychic mediums to contact spirits. (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Clairaudience is the art of hearing voices, music, and sounds that are not audible to the normal ear, and may not be of physical form. (all these come from the spiritual realm) (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Clairsentience is a superphysical tool that is used by the psychics, and comes from the French word meaning "clear sensing" and was popular in the eighteenth century. (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Clairvoyant is a French word. Clair means clearly and voyant means seeing. In psychic terms clairvoyance is an ability for extrasensory perception. (Occult)

Clairvoyant Mediums are generally blessed with a strong intuition that can clearly envision the sequence of events that may have brought the seeker to his present predicament. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Criminology entails using psychics in the investigation of criminal crimes and court cases. (Occult)

Deja Vu (Déjà vu) is the knowledge and perceiving of future events where no control can be exercised over. The truth is, it’s the demons who are behind the whole thing (Higly demonic )+(Occult)

Depossession is the act of exorcising attached discarnate human spirits and nonhuman spirits allegedly attached to living people, causing a host of physical, mental and emotional ills. I have seen many on t.v. trying to chase demons away by burning ( sage) herbs. Nonsense! what you just did was open a spiritual doorway that spirits will use to access your family for the next 4 generations.. ! (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Divination (Witchcraft)is the art of foretelling the future, finding the lost and finding solutions to everyday problems. Most of the times, its the demons who has created the havoc in our lives.

Dowsing (Witchcraft) is a form of divination, where a forked rod, bent wire or pendulum to find people, animals, objects and substances.

Empathy is the art of tuning in on an intuitive or psychic level to the emotions, moods, and attitudes of a person. in other words, evil manipulation.

ESP , or the Sixth Sense, in which sensory perception information is perceived through means beyond the five senses. (Witchcraft)

Feng Shui teaches us to arrange our place or the space in respect of wind and water so as to restore the right connection(evil doorways), harmony and balance with nature. (Witchcraft!)

Fortune Telling is the same as having a psychic reading. It is all part of the great art of divination. (Witchcraft)

Ghost is the term used to describe the spirit of a person who has died. The demons then start to impersonate the dead person. There are no ghosts.... When people die, they cant access the earth anymore. they are gone. So this is simply evil manipulation.

Graphology is an intuitive psychic reading through the medium of a person's writing.   (Occult)

Halo is a ring or circle of radiant light, which in art crowns the head of deities, holy beings, and saints. Many of these " holy beings " are demons. The bible says that they can transform themselves like angels of light. (Occult)

Intuition means the ability or an insight to instantly understand a situation in all its dimensions without any conscious effort. This can be done with evil manipulation.

Karmic Astrology does not merely predict the future in immediate limited physical terms. Its predictions of the future are informed with Leeper, spiritual implications that may affect our life, birth after birth ( according to them.)

There is NO reincarnation. its a lie. Man only lives ONE lifetime and after that judgment. Your final destination will be heaven or hell. You chose.

Lucid Dreams occur when the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming.



Transcendental meditation/ ANY Eastern type meditation.
This is extremely dangerous for one actually “places a welcome mat” for high ranking demons and entities to enter them and guide them.   This is done in the guise of health and wellness.   If you have ever done any transcendental meditation combined with mantra chanting, please ask the Lord to guide you to a place where you can get deliverance.  If you don’t, then your children and loved ones will be invaded by these entities to the 4th generation.  This is not a joke.  It took a church of 3,000 members to fast and pray for me to be set free in Jesus mighty name. A few years ago, I saw a grant of $500,000 given by the transcendental meditation organization in the USA to Kenya.  This grant went to primary and high schools and it was in their curriculum.  I can’t even begin to think of the spiritual bondage this has caused and the domino effects to these unsuspecting people.  Please if you know of anyone who was caught up in this bondage, please tell them to contact us immediately.  (Occult)+ Demonic manipulation

Metaphysics means studying what defies the preconceived laws of physics or nature. This is   (Occult)

Mysticism is often described as a direct experience of God or a union with God. ANY experience or "union" with God without spiritually being born again, in Jesus Name, and without entering the spiritual realm through Jesus Christ in His name is (Occult)


Near Death Experiences in some cases, patients claimed that they then come out into the light, seeing their own body from a distance and observe that they have another body. What these people see is their spirit man...

New Age represents a movement or wave of new ideas, based upon one's own experiences, acceptance of the old ones with new rationale, or as reactions to the traditional beliefs and practice. (Witchcraft)+ (Occult)+

Numerology is the ancient study of your 'numbers' and how they influence your character and the events that will take place during your life.(Occult)

The Occult is now explained as beliefs and practices that are beyond the understanding of ordinary people. (the people dont understand because they are spiritually blind and deaf.)

Omens of Jupiter Jupiter is considered as the 'Prince of Light', 'Jupiter Optimus Maximus', and the 'Shepherd of the Stars'. Jupiter could see and provide omens to indicate the future through the flight of birds. (Witchcraft) 

Omens of Saturn Saturn is the star of the sun. Its position and its movement around the sun send significant messages in the form of omens. (Witchcraft) 

Ouija Board is a polished board with letters of alphabet inscribed upon it together with the words YES and NO. (Witchcraft) 

Out of Body Experiences happen spontaneously and vary from person to person and many people who have had the experience actually see their body from another point in space. ( Humans are spirit beings in a pysical body. So what people are looking from is their spirit man, back at their physical body or the "earthly shell" )

Palmistry is the art of studying the formation of the total hand including the formation of fingers, their characteristics, finger nails, finger prints or impressions, thumb, skin texture, colour, the shape, hardness and flexibility (dermatoglyphics), and above all the lines or creases on the palm of the hand. (Witchcraft) 

Paranormal phenomenon is one that is beyond the normal experience and understanding of an ordinary man. ( yes because most people are spiritually blind and deaf. if they saw the truth, they would run for their lives because most of the time, its the demons creating the phenomenon.)

Parapsychology is the study and research in the scientific basis of the various aspects of the psychic phenomena such as the metaphysical, the psi or the psychic, the divination, world of spirits.. (this is a big LIE. because you cant access the spiritual realm with physical gadgets. (Witchcraft)+ (Occult)

Phrenology is reading someone based on the persons physical abnormalities. (Witchcraft) 

Physiognomy is the art and science of reading character from the facial and bodily form. (Witchcraft) 

Precognition is the knowledge of the future, and is able to see things that may happen through special ways. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Premonition is a temporary state of mind that is usually associated with traumatic events such as accidents, or deaths and is usually caused by anxiety, unease, and a gut-level feeling which induces an apprehension of a probable future event.

Prophecy is a divinely inspired vision of great events to happen, which are so important that they have turned thousands and thousands of people to follow them.

PSI is the twenty third letter of the Greek Alphabet, and is used in parapsychology to include extra sensory perception and psycho kinesis. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychics refer to the subject of study and practice of extra sensory abilities. In fact these abilities are not just 'extra sensory' in the mundane sense of the words. (Witchcraft)

Psychic Academy polishes the inherent talent of the born psychic and trains an ordinary student to acquire the psychic talent. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychic Distance is the emotional distance or the space between the psychic and her client over which the Internet and telephone do not have any control. (Witchcraft)

Psychic Dreams give ordinary people psychic abilities or the ability to see into the future whilst they are dreaming. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychic Experience provides an awesome feeling of magic and wonder when you find yourself charged with a current of exhilarating energy. (Demonic influence)

Psychic Eye or the third eye, itself is as powerful as it is awe-inspiring. The third psychic eye is believed to reside in the center of the forehead just between the two eyes. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychic Mediums can convince any skeptic beyond doubt about the existence of the spirits and also his own skill in contacting them. The spirits, in some cases, reveal intimate information about the client seekers, which is known only to them. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychic Spells are magical incantations that makes another person think and act the way you like. Psychic spells may act positively or negatively. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychic Visions are not dreams but premonitions that in the near future translate into reality. demonic manipulation +(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Psychokinesis is a hybrid word derived from the Greek words representing mind and motion.

Psychometry is the art of getting impressions or visions from a piece of jewelry or object by simply touching or holding it in your hand, and it is usually used in training spiritual and psychic groups.

Reincarnation is the process of the soul or essence returning to inhabit a physical form after death. Big Lie. There is NO reincarnation. its a lie. Man only lives ONE lifetime and after that judgment. Your final destination will be heaven or hell. You chose.

Retrocognition is the art of seeing or sensing the past. Retrocognition occurs at spontaneous times, but very uncommonly during the course of daily life, dreams, and parapsychology experiments. (demonic manipulation) +(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Runes has its root from an ancient Anglo-Saxon word that meant 'secret' or 'mystery'. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Scrying is a method of divination done by gazing into a crystal ball or mirror until clairvoyant visions are seen on the surface of the minds eye. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Spirit Guides are a non physical entity that is usually seen as the Higher Self, an angel, a highly evolved being or group mind, or a spirit of the dead. (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Spiritualist Medium is a person who can connect him or herself with the spirits, spirit guides, ghosts, and angels. Usually the spiritualist medium inherits this ability to connect and communicate with the spirits from his or her parents and grandparents. (Generational Evil inheritance+ (Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Tarot is an ancient form of divination. Tarot means wheel of life. It is a representation or an image of the universe. Tarot is like ordinary playing cards but consists of usually 72 cards.(Higly demonic )+(Witchcraft)+(Occult)

Tea Leaf Reading is one of the simplest ways of foretelling the future and anyone can learn to master the talent, providing they have the necessary patience. (Witchcraft)+(Occult)

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